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Hybrid / 21% THC / 25% Total

Mochi is a Hybrid Strain grown indoor at Rio Vista Farms in Rio Vista, CA. It is a cross between Sunset Sherbert & Thin Mints Girl Scouts Cookie strains which creates an Indica Dominant Hybrid strain.  Abundant in sweet & Fruity terpenes. The delicious smell & flavor will leave you happy.



Provides a peppery aroma. Good for pain relief and inflammation.


Provides citrus notes. Helps with depression and anxiety.


Provides a herby & floral aroma. Has antifungal & sedative properties.

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"Mochi is another tasty exotic available here at Rio Vista Farms. This Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies cut is phenomenal with the end result being the proof. This tall stretching girl can be quite the site to see in person. She is highlighted by purple and deep green leaves, dense well-rounded nugs that are uniformed with orange reddish pistils. Its no secret around our facility when its harvest day for our Mochi as her pungent sweet berry smell always manages to consume the building. She is a Indica dominant hybrid that's known to have relaxing, sedative, anxiety releasing effects with one employee saying " It had me growing roots into my couch!". Mochi is a pleasure to smoke and a privilege to grow, she really is a tough one to beat."

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